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Broke Soup

As an individual who just quit her full-time corporate job to become an artist, I understand the need for incredibly cheap food that isn’t a pot noodle and packet of pitta breads (not anymore, at least…). I’ve divided this recipe into handy price tiers so you can cook to your budget, and you can be […]

The Best Bruschetta

Three variations: classic, pimped, and fancy. If at all possible, start with homemade bread. Calm down, before you dismiss this entirely, try one of these bread mixes (just add water and knead). Hot damn they are a lazy chef’s answered prayer. Serves at least 4.

Tray Bakes

Self explanatory – a large tray with delicious things all roasted together. The pinnacle of laziness in the kitchen without resorting to beer and pringles (which incidentally makes a great side dish to ‘The Cheat’). Inspired by Rosie at ‘The Londoner’ whose one tray roast dinner made me squirm with delight. The method for all […]


A traditional French vegetable stew To be served for 2-3 on its own, accompanied by garlic bread, or 4-6 as part of a pasta bake.