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A Life Without Food

One thing I have always failed to understand is how a person can not care about food. Thanks to Britain’s blind enthusiasm towards international cuisine, the average high street contains enough foreign delicacies to make a 16th century dignitary weep. And yet, some people just don’t give a damn. I frequently have this argument with […]


Considering that I wrote my first recipe book aged fourteen and now write a blog solely about food, you might expect my new kitchen to be the dominant feature of my flat. In a way it is, in the way that my kitchen is a cupboard. Not a very small room that I refer to endearingly as a cupboard, but an actual cupboard jammed in between my sofa and the wall.


  Rack of lamb (with extra lamb chops) with new potato, courgette, green bean and mint salad, and avocado slices. Salad recipe: to follow Rack of lamb: Rubbed in olive oil, salt, and rosemary, marinated for two hours, sealed in a hot pan and roasted for 20 minutes. Lamb chops: Pan fried in oil and rosemary. […]