The food pilgrimage that inspired my writing. 

Dordogne Region, France          |          with Hadley, Suzie, and Phil George

The famous incident that we all refer to as ‘the peach’ was a brown paper bag of four peaches that Suzie bought in a food market in Montignac, France. Having eaten fragrant, sweet tomatoes as if they were apples and a heady summer-pasteurised comté, the peaches just confirmed the fact: perfect food is sometimes perfect as it is.


You won’t find anything overly fancy in these pages, just the food that we love to cook, and eat. We’ve watched enough Masterchef to know that there’s only so much enthusiasm you can have for ‘cauliflower three ways’ and ‘potato foam’. Everything you’ll find will be what we fancied eating that day, or thought up while sitting around the kitchen table with a cuppa. Sometimes we go out, sometimes we get takeout, sometimes dinner consists of a family size bag of chilli heatwave doritos.


This is ‘no bullshit’ food. No hefty ingredient lists, no chatter, no getting lost in endless paragraphs of method. Hadley asks “how do you make scrambled eggs” and I say “whisk the eggs, butter in a pan on the lowest heat, tip them in and keep stirring.” And sometimes that’s all you need.

Yours always,

El (and proof-read by Hadley)