Baked Macaroni Cheese

Really want some mac’n’cheese but can’t quite lower your standards enough to eat the macaroni-custard that comes in tins? I got you covered.

Serves 4

In a pan, mix 25g of melted butter with 25g of flour to make a roux. Pour in some beer and drink the rest. Gradually pour in ~300mls of milk until it’s delicious and creamy. Add the roasted garlic, a heaped teaspoon of each mustard, seasoning, and some cheddar. Cook the pasta in salted water. Mix together in a large dish, top with more cheese and breadcrumbs, and bake until the top is golden and the cheese starts to bubble.

*Don’t let mac’n’cheese snobs dictate your pasta preferences. For this recipe, any pasta works except for the long and thin kind (spaghetti and the like). My preference is actually conchiglie, as the sauce gets stuck in all of the shell cavities. Also it’s easier to fork up.

My review: Pasta bakes are the business. The idea that traditional mac’n’cheese doesn’t come with a crispy top is, frankly, abhorrent. Make sure to taste the sauce as you go along in case it needs more mustard or salt (it probably will).